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2008.06.30 11:19 PM

I.D. Annual Review


I.D. Magazine's 54th Annual Review came out this week. And its with great excitement that I can finally announce that we've been awarded Best Packaging of the Year for the PT3 Ultramagnetic Collection.

Who would have thought that a goofy idea that sparked off over some Thai food (and was taken from sketch to final product in less that 2 months) would have beaten the big budgets of Apple's iPhone, Band-Aid, and Marc Jacobs.

"Puma's table tennis set all but won at first sight. The case-- two form-fitting pieces of milky-white PVC held together by magnets-- clearly expresses what's inside, and it took the jurors' every ounce of self-control not to drop their checklists and start playing immediately."


Its also great to see the continued momentum behind table tennis, and the judges recognition that Puma has been a big part of this recent buzz. "Seeking its own sport to colonize and accessorize, the shoemaker hit, improbably, upon Ping-Pong." It looks like others have taken notice, as you'll see the release of Nike's new TT shoe.

pt3_case.jpgDustin Ross

In summary, Judge Stephen Burks stated, "You're not trying to show off the brand. You're just carrying this useful thing. And maybe that's why I like it. It's Puma, but it doesn't have to scream it. It's confident about what's inside."

Thanks to all the judges and I.D. magazine. Its such an honor to be featured alongside such winning projects like Pentagram's Saks Identity and Yves Behar's Y Water. Also, a big shout to my mate Tom at Exposure, who pulled down an honorable mention for his Nike RunNYC Project. I had fun helping him a little bit with that too.

Thanks again to the folks at Puma: Khairi, Theo and Barney, and to the ever-growing team at Aruliden. To my man Jeff Staple, co-creator of PT3. And Dustin Ross, for his photography and a few late nights to make this happen. The cases will be on display at Parson's as part of an exhibit beginning July 9, and hopefully to Puma retail spaces in the near future.